Glass Blower Tools Jo Howell Photography

(Image by Jo Howell Photography)

Furnace Hire

Our Hot Shop based at our Nile Street studios is a fantastic facility available for hire by glass making professionals and amateurs alike. It is designed to help to inspire a new generation of glassmakers to help to keep this traditional craft at the cutting edge of design and creativity. 

We are not currenty running any workshops or classes to the public, however if you are interested in having private tutorials in glass making, either one-on-one or as a group, please contact us at

Creative Cohesion’s 100kg capacity glass furnace is available for professional hire along with small test kilns. If you are a glass making professional looking to hire our facility you can contact us at

The furnace is not lit constantly, so please be aware that furnace bookings require a minimum week's notice to accomodate the furnace heating and melting the glass.